uniform design
problem | The University of Central Florida was founded in 1963 with the express purpose of supporting the growing United States space program at nearby Kennedy Space Center. Today, UCF Football holds an annual Space Game to honor those historic connections to NASA. Mission IV is the fourth game in this series, each with its own custom uniform and helmet design.​​​​​​​

solution | For Mission IV we were specifically asked to create a pewter uniform. With that constraint in mind, we built a story around the color, making the theme for Mission IV “The Journey Into Space.” The uniform celebrates the engineering marvels that make space exploration possible, with key areas of the uniform highlighting the specific technology used to, as UCF’s motto says, “Reach for the Stars.”​​​​​​​
 | uniform details |
 | game day: UCF vs. Tulane |
Creative Direction: Jimmy Skiles & Eric DeSalvo
Uniform Concept & Design: Emma Schneider & Sahid Alpizar
Equipment: Rich Worner
Photography: Eric DeSalvo & Conor Kvatek
Uniform Information Graphics: Emma Schneider
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