logo design
problem | Promote UCF Football players as individual brands. The initial request was to create a unique logo for each of the 20+ incoming football signees in the class of 2020. However, to do that a system had to be created that could easily expand to the full 120+ person team, be produced by one person, and stand out amongst hundreds of college football programs looking to do the same thing.​​​​​​​

solution | Create a logo system distinct to UCF by combining the UCF Knights brand with our student-athletes’ accomplishments. Knights traditionally rode into battle under their own colors, representing their individual families, but ultimately fighting as a unit. Based on the concept of a Knight’s family crest, each student logo is a shield that tells his unique story. This includes his initials, home state, position, and on-field accomplishments. ​​​​​​​
 | key components |
shield The offense, nicknamed “UCFast,” is quick and agile, so their shield is light and sleek. The defense, nicknamed “UCFierce,” is intimidating and immovable, so their shield is strong and solid.

position icons Quarterback (QB) – Commander of the Offense, Running Back (RB) – Work Horse, Tight End (TE) – Strength and Speed of a Buck, Wide Receiver (WR) – Precision Flying of an Eagle, Offensive Line (OL) – Protective Fortress, Defensive Line (DL) – Charging Rhinoceros, Linebacker (LB) – Lion Heart, Defensive Backs (DB) – Pack Hunting of Wolves, Special Teams (ST) – Technicians/Marksmen.​​​​​​​
 | typography |
Developed specifically to mirror the shape of the shield, the “Crest Font” is used exclusively for player initials. “Knighted” grew out of this font, to be used for general player branding and in relation to the Crest System. 
 | player crests |
Logos for the full UCF Football 2021 roster
 | applications |
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