branding + digital case study
| strategy |
campaign prize | Win two tickets to the 2019 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. 
audience | Millennial NBA/Collegiate basketball fans who do not currently follow the Charlotte Hornets. They value high-quality, authentic, unique experiences that they can share with friends via social media. 
goals |  Engage Charlotte-area millennials, resulting in new lead generation when people enter to win the contest. Ultimately we will excite the surrounding area about the NBA and the Hornets through a unique summer experience.
| process |
Utilizing Adobe Draw to create unique illustrations that highlight the excitement of a summer in Vegas. Each illustration started with a rough blue-line sketch to establish the layout and scale. Once approved, the elements of the scene were created individually in high-detail, allowing pieces to move autonomously if the composition needed adjusting.
| key art |
Each key art image speaks to a different benefit of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. The first highlights future NBA stars in a low-key, fun environment. The second shows the attitude winners will have when they tell their friends they just won a free trip to Vegas. The third illustrates a summer pool party like no other.
| digital |
How the campaign played out on social media and the web, highlighting Instagram, Twitter, and Instagram stories as key advertising points, as well as the contest entrance page. The final image shows the versatility of the campaign with the number of variations created for different digital platforms.
| print |
Giveaway buttons that were handed out at local Charlotte bars, as well as posters hung around town to further promote the event. 
Creative Direction: Josh Kramer
Concept & Design: Emma Schneider & Amy Monks​​​​​​​
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