problem | Modernize the University of Central Florida secondary athletic logo. We were asked to turn the Knight face forward and give it new energy, without drifting too far from the original mark.

solution | To keep the existing character of the Knight Head logo, we started the design process by simply turning the original Knight Head straight on. To modernize it, we tilted the head downward for a more aggressive expression; designed new, commanding, eyes to make the logo intimidating and direct; and introduced the polaris star from the University logo to connect the two brands. As a nod to the original design, the Knight's plume remains the same.
left: original Knight Head logo and design process.  right: University of Central Florida athletics logos.
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Creative Direction: Jimmy Skiles & Eric DeSalvo
Logo Concept & Design: Emma Schneider, Sahid Alpizar, & Josh Brdicko
Photography: Eric DeSalvo, Conor Kvatek, & Brooke Morris

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