2021 brand strategy
problem | Develop the visual identity for UCF Football's 2021 season look. This includes posters, score updates, information graphics, announcements and more. The goal is to ensure all pieces have a consistent and brand-appropriate look.

solution | Audit the UCF brand to determine key pillars/thematic elements that will create a unique and authentic design specific to UCF.​​​​​​​
 | process: key brand pillars |
Key Phrase: The Future of College Football is Here
Prestige:  Big-Time Head Coach (Gus Malzahn), Big-Time Quarterback (Dillon Gabriel)
Powerhouse:  Recent history of success (2017 + 2018 undefeated regular seasons)
Personality:  Clear Voice — confident, fun, cheeky, unapologetic
Paradise:  Live Where the World Vacations (Orlando, FL)
 | 2021 season look |
Prestige: Clean, elegant design, and polaris star   Powerhouse: Bold color and typography
Personality: Detail elements and engaging imagery   Paradise: Palm trees and blue-gold sunset gradient

 | 2021 Gasparilla Bowl Look |
Leveraging the location of the bowl game (Tampa Bay, FL), the in-state matchup (UCF vs. University of Florida), and the theming of the bowl itself (the Gasparilla Bowl theme is Pirates), to create an energetic, tropical campaign that stands out on social media feeds. Graphics posted to Instagram and Twitter prior to, during, and after the game. Overall look designed in collaboration with Sahid Alpizar.
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