set design
problem | Develop a unique set design for Bounce House Weekend, UCF Football's biggest recruiting weekend of the year. The set has to allow for video and photoshoots, so recruits can have media content to show off their experience at UCF. 

solution | Leverage UCF's location (Orlando, FL) with a custom-built tropical themed set that highlights the football program's fun-loving personality, and provides recruits with a completely unique experience. A stylistic mixture of cartoony elements and realism allowed for an editorial-inspired photo set, with an array of props and room for creative videography. Created in close collaboration with our video and photography teams, I concepted, designed, sourced, and built the full set.
Left: Photoshop mock-up of the set concept. Right: Final set.
Both the boombox and directional sign were hand-painted and assembled.
Photography: Conor Kvatek
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