uniform design
ucf football space game: mission v
problem | The University of Central Florida was founded in 1963 with the express purpose of supporting the growing United States space program at nearby Kennedy Space Center. Today, UCF Football holds an annual Space Game to honor those historic connections to NASA. Mission V is the fifth game in this series, each with its own custom uniform and helmet design.​​​​​​​

solution | Honoring the 4oth Anniversary of the Space Shuttle program, and the 10th Anniversary of the final Space Shuttle mission. Numerous UCF alumni contributed to the Space Shuttle program over its decades long history, including Astronaut Nicole Stott, who flew on the final mission of the shuttle Discovery in 2011. This year's uniform commemorates the Space Shuttle Program and UCF alumni like Stott, who paved the way forward so we can reach places we've only dreamed of.
 | uniform details |
2021 Uniswag Uniform of the Year: Awarded to the best uniform in Division 1 College Football
 | gameday: UCF vs Memphis |
Creative Direction: Jimmy Skiles & Eric DeSalvo
Uniform Concept & Design: Emma Schneider & Sahid Alpizar
Mission Patch Design: Emma Schneider
Equipment: Rich Worner & Brad Anderson
Photography: Eric DeSalvo, Conor Kvatek & Mark Godin
Uniform Reveal Video: Dalton Conrad & Jordan Chatman
Uniform Information Graphics: Emma Schneider
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